To destroy Council’s last line of defense, Judge Gary McAliley appointed Dale Marsh, as lead attorney to defend Council against the Capital Murder charges. Upon being notified that he was appointed to represent Council, Dale Marsh brought to the attention of the Court that he had personally known Ronald Henderson for over 13 years.

Mr. Marsh further, explained to the court, that he and Henderson had been in the same National Guard Unit from 1981 up until Henderson untimely death in 1994. And, they worked together in the Automated Data Processing Section from 1992 until Henderson’s death in 1994.
Mr. Marsh also informed the court that he had personally seen Henderson 2 weeks before his death, as they worked together on Flood Duty. Marsh was , also, the Officer from the Unit that wrote the letter of condolences to Henderson’s Mother.

After learning about the 13 year relationship between Mr. Marsh and Ronald Henderson, Council informed the Court, on Record, that he wanted Dale Marsh dismissed and new attorney appointed. Judge Gary McAliley denied Council’s request and forced Council into a trial for his life, with a friend of the victim as his Attorney.

The story was constructed, the plot was set, and all the characters were in place—now all they needed was a traditional southern jury, willing to believe their story……

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