For many years,  I have wondered why some news outlet or law firm hadn’t took interest and investigated my ALLEGATION  that racial animus was the motive behind the ALABAMA COURT OF CRIMINAL APPEALS altering the facts of the case,  then using the altered set of facts as the basis for upholding a racially motivated CAPITAL MURDER CONVICTION AND LWOP SENTENCE. 

After a brief overview of the OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS and you will understand things more clearly.

At trial, Marcus Neal was the ONLY witness to present testimony, as to the theft of the rifle – which the D. A. elevated to a Robbery 1st degree.

From the transcript, Neal’s testimony is explicit, in regards to Robert Earl Council’s role in the theft.

Yet, when the Alabama Criminal Court of Appeals was asked to review whether the State had presented sufficient evidence of Robbery 1st degree and Murder 1st degree. The Court reasoned that Robert Earl Council’s conviction was valid as:

How can that be? That’s against the law. A racially motivated Capital Murder conviction was FIXED by the ALABAMA COURT OF CRIMINAL APPEALS… AND NO ONE IS SAYING OR DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT…

Where are the Real Journalist? Real Reporters? Real seekers of Justice? 

White Supremacy must be identified and uprooted -everywhere we experience it. 

State of Alabama vs Robert Earl Council (CC-94-260) is a BLATANT example of The Value of Black Life when it comes to White Privilege. 

Why isn’t the media talking about the source of the Overflowing Prison System — the Racist D. A. ”s,  Judges and Court System?? 

Share the following link to all the media sources you have and ask why this isn’t being investigated and reported on. 


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