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Free Robert Earl Council
Free Robert Earl Council

On Jan. 29th, 2021, guards at Donaldson CF, Bessemer, Alabama, cowardly beat prisoners who wanted the guards to stop beating an elderly prisoner.

One of the prisoners who protested the cowardly beating by armed officers was Robert, Kinetic Justice. He was attacked by multiple officers in his cell, and he had to be airlifted to a hospital.

Please write and send a plain card (no glitter, etc.) or a letter to Kinetic at:

Robert Council, AIS#181418
Kilby Correctional Facility
P.O. Box 150,
Mt. Meigs, AL 36057

Here is the story from DemocracyNow, where Kinetic’s mother Ernestine is being interviewed:

Incarcerated Activist Kinetik Justice & Others Severely Beaten in Alabama –  Prison DOJ Sued over Abuse

The SF Bayview has the story and an interview too:

Alabama prison guards brutally beat Kinetic Justice, sending him to trauma unit

“Kinetic suffered serious head injuries, a punctured lung and one of his teeth was knocked out from the root. Kinetic was transported to University of Alabama at Birmingham hospital trauma unit. His cellmate Darrol Shaw said:

“You don’t have to be an activist to be subjected to these beatings. They are constantly telling us that ‘our gang’ is bigger and badder than your gang. That is the culture here.”

The aftermath of the beating was posted to social media.

Free Robert Earl

Sometimes, the truth and what’s true aren’t the same.
The Truth is that Robert Earl Council did not rob Ronald Henderson, nor did he Intentionally Murder Ronald Henderson as a part of a Robbery. However, it’s True that Robert Earl Council is serving the 27th year of a death sentence for Intentionally Murdering Ronald Henderson during a Robbery 1st degree.


Let me give you the short version —

From court documents, in August of the 1994 Grand Jury term, Robert Earl Council was indicted for 2 counts of Capital Murder, in connection with the death of Ronald Henderson.

According to the Grand Jury indictment, Robert Earl Council was armed with a deadly weapon, i. e., a pistol, when he threatened Ronald Henderson with force in order to commit the theft of Ronald Henderson’s rifle. And, as a part of the theft, Robert Earl Council intentionally murdered Ronald Henderson.

3 pivotal things must be established in order to comprehend this legal lynching.

1. Robert Earl Council was 20 year old black man, who EPD officers despised.

2. Ronald Henderson was:
A white man and:
A Henderson

3. Johnny Henderson was Mayor of the City of Enterprise.

Now, back to the story…

Dale Marsh, who had been working with Ronald Henderson from 1981 up until Henderson’s death in July 1994, was appointed to represent Robert Earl Council. And, even though Robert Earl Council petitioned the Trial Judge to dismiss Marsh as counsel, he was forced to accept Marsh as lead attorney.

It gets crazier yet…

At trial, the State failed to establish all of the essential elements of a Robbery 1st degree.

From their own witnesses, it was revealed that Robert Earl Council never THREATENED Ronald Henderson with a pistol, Robert Earl Council was not present in the house when the theft occurred, and it was never established that Robert Earl Council knew that the theft had taken place.

Yet, the handpicked all-white jury took the D. A.’s word and sent the message.

In spite of absolutely no evidence that Robert Earl Council committed a Robbery, he was found guilty and sentenced to die in prison.

When this ploy was exposed and pointed out to the Appeals Court, they changed the facts of the case to cover up for the racial lynching of Robert Earl Council.

This story is way overdue and it’s scary to think of how many other people are suffering under a similar situation.

Where is the media when it comes to exposing and /or highlighting these miscarriages of justice?

Let’s bombard the media outlets with inquiries until they call the City of Enterprise and the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals out and demand justice.


Put It On The Glass

Marcus Neal,  the State’s ONLY witness to the theft of the rifle, testified that upon arriving at Dale Green’s house (where the theft took place) Robert Earl Council left the group and departed.

(picture of R.T. 1000)

At which time Neal, Adams, Green and Ronald Henderson went into Green’s house to negotiate a trade of drugs for the rifle. Once inside Green’s house, Neal testified that while trying to display the rifle, Henderson fumbled with the rifle and dropped it.

According to Neal, he (Neal) caught the rifle as it was falling, at which time Adams got the rifle from Neal and ran out of the house.

Several minutes later, based upon Neal’s testimony,

“After everything was over and we were on our way back to Brian Council’s house, a car came from out of no where and ran us off the road.”

Neal, further, testified that at this time, he got down in the floor of the car, as he knew he was about to die. When he heard several gun shots.

From the State’s Key witness,  it was clarified that Robert Earl Council did not INTENTIONALLY MURDER RONALD HENDERSON IN THE COURSE OF A ROBBERY 1ST DEGREE. 

But, an all white jury, a white trial judge and a white appeals court thought differently. And 26 years later,  he remains languishing in a Alabama prison serving a death sentence. 


Free Robert Earl Council
Free Robert Earl Council

Robert Earl Council has been tossed in solitary confinement yet again. Not for any disciplinary infraction, simply because he is an effective educator and leader. He has started a hunger strike in response, and we need folks to call and help pressure prison administration.

Sample script:

Hello, my name is _ and I’m calling from _,you should be aware this call is being recorded. I just learned that Robert Earl Council, #181418, is on hunger strike in response to being placed in a solitary holding unit with no infraction or disciplinary charge. Council has been singled out following a raid at St. Clair’s last week and I am very concerned about his health and safety.

I demand Robert Earl Council’s immediate release from solitary confinement and an end to further retaliation against him.

Are there plans to release him to general population as soon as possible?
(if not) Who can I speak to about that ? I will keep calling until Council is released.

  • note: be stern with the individual who answers the phone. Insist to speak to who you call for. Give no more information to secretary other than your name.
  • any and all updates or recordings can be fwd to our email

Holman Correctional Facility 251-368-8173 Fax: 251-368-1095

ADOC Commissioner’s Office

Email: (Commissioner, ADOC) (Commissioner, ADOC) (Warden, Holman)

Facebook event page can be found here:

Write Robert Earl at:

Robert Earl Council, #181418
Holman C.F.
Holman 3700
Atmore, AL 36503-3700

More details (from the Facebook Events):

Robert Earl Council, AIS # 181418, is once again being held in solitary confinement at Holman Correctional Facility after the major Shakedown at St Clair correctional facility on February 28th 2019.

Council was inside his population cell at St. Clair Correctional Facility around 2 a.m. Thursday morning, when a platoon of ADOC CERT team members, and local law enforcement SWAT team members, enter his cell placing him in zip tie handcuffs and immediately escorted him to an awaiting bus to be transported back to Holman Correctional Center.

Later that day Council arrived at Holman Correctional Facility and all too familiar scenery.

Council was placed in Holman Correctional Facility solitary housing unit (SHU) once again, after spending 54 months in solitary for leading a peaceful work strike at Holman Correctional Facility in the summer of 2014. He was finally released from solitary in late 2018 at Donaldson Correctional Facility after Attorney at Law, David Gespass filed a Habeas Corpus on the behalf of council in the courts, challenging ADOC’s unconstitutional practice of holding of him in solitary confinement for 54 months without just cause. ADOC released Council right before a set court hearing on the Habeas Corpus in August last year, making the case moot. (see Robert E Council vs. Warden Bolling Cv. – 2017-101 filed in the Bessemer division of Jefferson County state of Alabama.)

This is strictly retaliatory actions in anticipation of a state-wide protest to stop the construction of new prisons over education and rehabilitation.

In response to being housed for no reason in solitary confinement, Robert Earl Council notified Warden Cynthia Stewart, at 3 a.m. on March 7th 2019 that he is now on an official hunger strike (refusing all food and liquids) in protest of the retaliatory actions taken against him, and will remain on such until justice is met and he is placed back in a population where he can participate in all programs afforded to his peers and others of his class.

If the demand to return Robert Earl Council back to population is not met by the Alabama Department of Corrections Commissioner Jeffery Dunn by March 15, 2019 a protest will convene at Holman Correctional Facility on March 16, 2019.

Contact information for interviews on the above press release is as follows:
See also: Unheard Voices Press Release

David Gespass attorney at law

Pastor Kenneth Sharpton Glasgow

Kinetik Justice Amun

(Robert Earl Council # 181418)

March 8, 2019

Holman Annex L-8

On March 7, 2019 I began a HUNGER STRIKE as a last resort to Protest the ADOC’s wanton destruction and/or loss of over half my belongings and the unlawful placement of myself in solitary confinement indefinitely without any incident, altercation, investigation, and the complete disregard for the Policies and Procedures of the ADOC Regulations.

The ADOC’s actions amount to a violation of our Due Process Rights and the 8th Amendment “Cruel and Unusual Punishment” clause.

I have personally questioned all 3 Wardens (Stewart, Raybon, and Mitchell) in regards to why I have been placed and continuing to be held in solitary confinement indefinitely. All 3 affirmed that they are just following orders from the Commissioner.

Therefore, I am on a Hunger Strike until the Commissioner provides Justification for:

  • The illegal placement of over 30 men in Solitary Confinement, indefinitely without a charge

Then, if no justification is provided we seek ACCOUNTABILITY.


Kinetik Justice Amun

March 8, 2019