Put It On The Glass

Marcus Neal,  the State’s ONLY witness to the theft of the rifle, testified that upon arriving at Dale Green’s house (where the theft took place) Robert Earl Council left the group and departed.

(picture of R.T. 1000)

At which time Neal, Adams, Green and Ronald Henderson went into Green’s house to negotiate a trade of drugs for the rifle. Once inside Green’s house, Neal testified that while trying to display the rifle, Henderson fumbled with the rifle and dropped it.

According to Neal, he (Neal) caught the rifle as it was falling, at which time Adams got the rifle from Neal and ran out of the house.

Several minutes later, based upon Neal’s testimony,

“After everything was over and we were on our way back to Brian Council’s house, a car came from out of no where and ran us off the road.”

Neal, further, testified that at this time, he got down in the floor of the car, as he knew he was about to die. When he heard several gun shots.

From the State’s Key witness,  it was clarified that Robert Earl Council did not INTENTIONALLY MURDER RONALD HENDERSON IN THE COURSE OF A ROBBERY 1ST DEGREE. 

But, an all white jury, a white trial judge and a white appeals court thought differently. And 26 years later,  he remains languishing in a Alabama prison serving a death sentence.