Free Robert Earl

Sometimes, the truth and what’s true aren’t the same.
The Truth is that Robert Earl Council did not rob Ronald Henderson, nor did he Intentionally Murder Ronald Henderson as a part of a Robbery. However, it’s True that Robert Earl Council is serving the 27th year of a death sentence for Intentionally Murdering Ronald Henderson during a Robbery 1st degree.


Let me give you the short version —

From court documents, in August of the 1994 Grand Jury term, Robert Earl Council was indicted for 2 counts of Capital Murder, in connection with the death of Ronald Henderson.

According to the Grand Jury indictment, Robert Earl Council was armed with a deadly weapon, i. e., a pistol, when he threatened Ronald Henderson with force in order to commit the theft of Ronald Henderson’s rifle. And, as a part of the theft, Robert Earl Council intentionally murdered Ronald Henderson.

3 pivotal things must be established in order to comprehend this legal lynching.

1. Robert Earl Council was 20 year old black man, who EPD officers despised.

2. Ronald Henderson was:
A white man and:
A Henderson

3. Johnny Henderson was Mayor of the City of Enterprise.

Now, back to the story…

Dale Marsh, who had been working with Ronald Henderson from 1981 up until Henderson’s death in July 1994, was appointed to represent Robert Earl Council. And, even though Robert Earl Council petitioned the Trial Judge to dismiss Marsh as counsel, he was forced to accept Marsh as lead attorney.

It gets crazier yet…

At trial, the State failed to establish all of the essential elements of a Robbery 1st degree.

From their own witnesses, it was revealed that Robert Earl Council never THREATENED Ronald Henderson with a pistol, Robert Earl Council was not present in the house when the theft occurred, and it was never established that Robert Earl Council knew that the theft had taken place.

Yet, the handpicked all-white jury took the D. A.’s word and sent the message.

In spite of absolutely no evidence that Robert Earl Council committed a Robbery, he was found guilty and sentenced to die in prison.

When this ploy was exposed and pointed out to the Appeals Court, they changed the facts of the case to cover up for the racial lynching of Robert Earl Council.

This story is way overdue and it’s scary to think of how many other people are suffering under a similar situation.

Where is the media when it comes to exposing and /or highlighting these miscarriages of justice?

Let’s bombard the media outlets with inquiries until they call the City of Enterprise and the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals out and demand justice.