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We, at FREE ROBERT EARL COUNCIL, are convinced of Robert Earl’s innocence of the alleged Robbery-Murder of Ronald Henderson.

We are committed to exposing the injustice of Robert Earl’s wrongful conviction and dedicated to obtaining his freedom.

Robert Earl was forced to learn the law by trial and error* (as his last attorney withdrew in 1996) while fighting for his freedom. In the process Robert Earl discovered that his Appellate attorney in 1996 conspired with the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals in fixing his conviction. He has also discovered New Evidence that the State’s only witness to the theft of the rifle (Robbery 1st degree) had been coerced and coached to present false testimony.

As a result, Robert Earl has drafted an ACTUAL INNOCENCE PETITION for the Federal Court. Robert Earl has the FACTS AND EVIDENCE to prove he is Actually Innocent of the Capital Offense.

However, based upon experience and due to the reality of how the Court System views and disposes of Pro se (prisoner-filed) Petitions, we feel that there is a better chance of justice actually being served, if Robert Earl’s current “Actual Innocent” Petition is filed by a Competent Attorney.

After consulting with several Attorneys, the estimated cost for a Capital Offense is $15,000. So we will be setting up a Legal Defense Fund and begin holding fundraising events until we reach our goal.

We will be posting articles and background information about Kinetik’s case on this site, as well as his own words on the struggle to Free Alabama.

You can write Kinetik via this address:

Photo of Kinetic on Al Jazeera September 2016
Kinetik on Al Jazeera, September 2016

Robert Earl Council
(Kinetik Justice)
ADOC #181418
Donaldson C.F. E-23
100 Warrior Lane
Bessemer, AL 35023

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